Essentially, the Travel Trade Crusade is a mad road trip across Europe, taking in several countries in 3 days that raises cash for good causes. Only teams from & associated with the travel industry can enter and they'll compete with each other along the way to tick off certain challenges set by the rally organising team. Most teams will head back to Blighty at the end of the rally.

Reims Tinqueux just outside the wonderful champagne city of Reims. Its been designed to be fast and furious to minimise time away from the office. (You'll need to be in France the evening before the start day and travel home the day after the Awards Ceremony)

The challenges and points scoring system are unique and that’s all we’re going to say! Check the challenges section for more details, but ultimately, they are designed from the bizarre to the brilliant and will give you stories to tell for years. Some challenges can be ticked off anywhere and others are evenly distributed across the countries. You'll also have the chance to design your own challenge and obviously the more inventive you are, the more points you'll earn.

Because of the unique challenge system, teams are required to take a camera with them. Don’t worry, you don’t need any high-end recording equipment, just a phone that can take photos or short video clips.