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[toggle title=”How will the competition be judged?”]

As teams complete their challenges they will evidence their escapades through various methods.
As this is a competition there are a few rules concerning evidence and submission of evidence.
Teams will be asked to submit their evidence at each evening’s challenge check in venue.

Essentially, teams submit evidence to prove completion of each challenge. Due to the nature
of the challenges, most of the evidence will be short video clips and photos, which is why
participants are asked to bring a camera. Teams will be provided with log books to help record
their evidence.

The team with the most points after the judges have certified entries and awarded bonus points
will win the Championship.

[toggle title=”Is it a Race?”]

No its not a race and teams must abide by speed limits and the road laws of each country
we visit. The routes have been planned for maximum motoring enjoyment without rushing.

[toggle title=”Will we meet other teams on the way?”]

Yes. Each day will start in convoy with the other teams for a few miles and we’ll all meet up at the end of each day for a drink and get together (the group is too large to accommodate hotel wise in one place so we’ll all be as close to each other as possible)…plus progress on the all important leader board! So if you want to mix it up with other teams or go lone ranger style, either is fine by us. You’re also bound to encounter other teams along each day’s route.

[toggle title=”Is the Travel Trade Crusade environmentally friendly?”]

Yes. A percentage of each team’s entry fee is being donated to Beyond Carbon to fund environmental
projects and to offset the carbon emissions.

[toggle title=”What happens if I can’t make it back or want to go home before the end?”]

Just make sure the car is properly accounted for if you’re leaving it abroad (duties, selling, scrapping etc) and then try and hitch a lift with someone, or make alternative arrangements. We strongly recommend you purchase European breakdown cover with full repatriation cover in the event of a total fail by your vehicle.

[toggle title=”Do we need to have our vehicle sorted before we sign up?”]

A. No is the short answer! You are able to sign up whenever you like. Just choose your category of entry and away you go. You will need the registration (V5) documents of your vehicle while you are on the rally and you’ll need to present this at registration along with a receipt showing how much you paid for it if you’re in the Travel Shed category. Bonus points will be awarded if you kept under the £650 budget.


[toggle title=”Does our vehicle need to be legal?”]

A. Yes it does. We will not approve of people driving illegal unroadworthy cars! We will check copies of MOT, Insurance and V5 at the registration process in Amiens. Also any drivers must have a full UK Driving Licence which enables them to drive the vehicle your team has chosen! So if your vehicle is a bus or lorry or tank you will need to have the relevant category on your licence. All drivers must produce both parts of their driving licence at the time of registration and if you don’t have it then you wont be able to take part as a driver.

[toggle title=”Can we have people who don’t drive in our team?”]

A. Each team does need to have a minimum of 2 drivers but non drivers are welcome as long as they’re over 18. If you’re fortunate to look under 18 then you may be asked for ID at check in.

[toggle title=”Are there any mechanical breakdown facilities on the rally?”]

A. No there will be no mechanical breakdown provisions and we suggest you either risk it or bring your own. It is possible to get European breakdown cover on old vehicles, and we would recommend you invest in this. Make sure the cover is for the vehicle no matter who
is driving and then you won’t come unstuck.

[toggle title=”How do we get Insurance for our Travel Shed?”]

A. We have set up a short term insurance deal for your Travel Shed through Herts Insurance
specifically for the Travel Trade Crusade.

hic-banner-rally-468x60 (Orange)




and then call them for a quote stating you are taking part in the Travel Trade Crusade. They
only provide 3rd party insurance.

A rough guideline to cost is around £50 for 1 week’s cover. Sarah insured her Hamster car back in 2012
for 3 months, 3rd party for 4 drivers (3 with clean licences and 1 with 6 points) for £170.

Obviously the price will vary depending on your circumstances but it’s a guideline.

[toggle title=”What do we need to take with us?”]

A. As much or as little as you want but the Crusade is a road trip so make sure you have all the essential in car entertainment you need. All teams MUST bring a digital camera, a mobile phone and those vital travel trade qualities of a spirit of adventure and a good sense
of humour! You will also benefit immensely from a good quality road map of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany & Holland as well as a SAT NAV. However please don’t rely on a sat nav alone!

[toggle title=”Is there anything we have to do to our vehicle?”]

A. Your vehicle must comply with European law. You must have a Fluorescent jacket for each passenger in the car, accessible from inside the car and warning triangle within your car. A ‘GB’ sticker must be clearly displayed on your car and you must ensure you have
a headlamp converter kit applied to the headlights to avoid dazzling other road users.
The ‘AA’ has a very comprehensive guide to driving overseas which you can find at

[toggle title=”Is raising money for charity compulsory?”]

A. Yes, we insist that all teams taking part in the Travel Trade Crusade raise money for charity. The minimum commitment is £125 per team member. Our goal is to top £30,000 on TTC17 which will then bring the 3 Crusades’ total fund raising to 100k.

The Travel Industry has always been a very generous community and the crusade is a method of supporting a range of charities in a unique way. The rally is a brilliant way to help those less fortunate however much is raised.

[toggle title=”What are the challenges going to be?”]

A. The challenges will be issued on the rally and the only thing we can tell you is that they won’t be too difficult and they’ll all be legal!

[toggle title=”Are there any Terms and Conditions to entering the Rally?”]

A. Yes. The Terms & Conditions can be viewed by clicking HERE (they will open in a new window).

[toggle title=”Are there any rules?”]

A. Yes, there are rules and these will be in the Crusaders Manual which will be issued just before the rally. The main rule is that we all want to have fun and raise some serious money for charity so please don’t misbehave or get into trouble. Please also don’t drink and drive!

[toggle title=”Banger Decoration Ideas”]

Need some inspiration for your banger? Well here are some of our favourites that have all gone before you on banger rallies such as the Ramshackle Rally, Street Safari, The Crumball Rally, The Screwball Rally and of course our own favourite Random Rallies. However, we advise you to steer clear of any military styling as this doesn’t go down well in Europe.


[toggle title=”Where can we scrap our banger?”]

The nearest scrap yard to the finish is


[toggle title=”Hotels & Campsites”]


Here is a list of our recommended hotels for the route all of which will have been chosen on price and location to meeting points. PLEASE BOOK THEM AS SOON AS YOU CAN as our stopping places are very busy and availability is tight.

July 14th – The night before the start

The rally will start from the Novotel Amiens Pole Jules Verne just outside Amiens, near to Glisy Airport. An allocation of rooms has been arranged for the Crusade.

Double / twin @ €74 B&B

Single @ €74 B&B.

Triple @ €66 B&B

To reserve email quoting TTC 17 and giving a credit card number to guarantee the reservation. Please request  confirmation of your booking by email.

We only have this allocation until December 31st, 2016 so please take 2 minutes to make your reservation now.

There is a bar at the hotel and a restaurant that serves a 3 course menu for €26 per person. They know we are coming!

There is also a very reasonably priced Belgian restaurant 2 minutes walk away called Leon de Bruxelles.

If you need more budget accommodation then these 2 hotels are 2 minutes walk away

Hotel Campanile

Premier Classe Hotel

July 15th – Day 1 through France to Germany

This is the day with our most miles but we get to see some nice places along the way. Our overnight destination is the mediaeval market town of Freudenstadt. The market square in Freudenstadt, the largest in the whole of Germany, is one of the town’s most famous features. Almost exactly square, it is framed by beautiful historical buildings, including some delightful arcaded houses accommodating dozens of little shops. The 50 fountains on the square provide quite a spectacle and offer a great way to cool off in summer. It’s a town of very small quaint hotels and we predict availability will be tight so. PLEASE BOOK YOUR HOTEL HERE IMMEDIATELY!

These are the closest hotels to market square where we will meet although most hotels are within easy walking distance. A few are further out but no more than a couple of miles.

We have a small allocation at the Hotel Baren of 10 double & 12 single rooms.

Double @ €94.20 per room B&B

Single @ €52.10 per room B&B

Email quoting TTC17 to reserve with a credit card number to guarantee.

Again the allocation expires on December 31st, 2016.

Hotel Adler

Hotel Warteck

Hotel Palmenwald

Hotel Schwarzwald

Hotel Teuchalwald

Day 2, July 16th – Today is driving day!

Day 2 is an action packed driving day and an action packed route guaranteed to have you hanging on at speed or gazing in awe. Speed or scenery is the order of the day .

We’ll all be arriving in the evening at the beautiful Rhineland town of Boppard. This hotel is a popular river cruise destination and so will be very busy in July! BOOK EARLY!

We have our main allocation at The Bellevue Rheinhotel overlooking the Rhine.

35 doubles town view @ €110 per room B&B

20 doubles Rhine view @ €125 per room B&B

10 singles town view @ €72 per room B&B

To book email quoting TTC17 and just a credit card number to guarantee.

Other hotels all nearby are

Hotel Gunther Garni 

Hotel Rheinlust

Hotel Hubertus

Hotel Sonnenhof

Hotel Hunsrucker

Day 3, July 17th. The Big Finish!

We’ll all be staying in the same hotel for finish night.

The De Ruwenberg Hotel is where we will lay our heads.

You can book on the website Hotel Ruwenberg and put in the promotional code TTC17.

Double @ €90 per room B&B

Single @ €75 per room B&B



Our friends at Travelcube have given us a special account.

Agent Login – 25311

Account type – Other

Licence Number – 25

Enter your email address and then choose a password. The next page will then ask them to confirm a few details to complete registration.  Booking confirmations are sent to the email address used to log in.

Bookings can be made anytime, payment is not required until 2 weeks before departure.  Payments should be made by either credit or debit card.  Some hotel rates are advanced purchase rates so changes and refunds are not permitted. The booking conditions should be checked prior to booking.  Majority of hotels can be cancelled free up to 2 days before arrival, just check the booking conditions.