Fees & fundraising requirements

Each team needs to pay a non-refundable entry fee when they sign up (Earlybird price – £175 vehicle entry fee and £40 for person in the vehicle up to its’ legal passenger carrying limit). Each team then needs to raise a minimum of £125 per team member for a designated charity of your choosing. It can be any charity dear to your team’s heart. We suggest you set up a Justgiving account to raise money for your designated charity. We’ll publish each team’s link on the Travel Trade Crusade website. So what are you waiting for??? …. Just click HERE


You can use a team member’s own vehicle or buy one especially for the rally. YOU CAN TAKE ANY VEHICLE YOU WANT WITHIN THE CATEGORY GUIDELINES! This can cost as much as you like (in the Travel Shrine category) or up to £650 in the Travel Shed category and you can split the cost between everyone in your team. You can reduce the cost of the vehicle by getting sponsorship of your vehicle. Who knows, with the Travel Industry’s powers of persuasion you may even get a free car from someone! You can even organise events to raise funds for your vehicle. During the rally you may need to have a small contingency fund available for maintenance/repairs and we recommend European Breakdown cover which can be purchased on old vehicles for between £50 and £100 depending on the age of the vehicle.


Obviously this is dependent upon how far you plan to travel and the type of vehicle. As a rough figure, we recommend you budget for around £300 if your vehicle will do about 30 mpg.

Other costs to consider

Accommodation (tent anyone?) We will be telling you where the Travel Trade Crusaders’ team are staying and where the social meet each day will be. You can then choose a hotel or B&B near to those locations or indeed camp out of town. We will recommend hotel options to you and tell you about any special Crusade rates we have been able to negotiate.

Flights – If you scrap your car and return without it.

This might seem like a lot; however, if you are smart about this, you can get a lot of other people to cover these costs and actually end up spending very little.

You also have many months to get this done.

When do the entry fees need to be paid?

Team entry fees need to be paid at the time of entering. You can choose to pre book ferries and hotels to take advantage of the lowest rates at any time. All other costs will be at the time of the rally

How can we raise funds & what are we allowed to fundraise for?

You can raise money for any registered charity that is dear to your team’s heart. This rally is a way to make a serious contribution to your charity and make much needed money for them.

Can we enter without raising money for charity?

No you can’t. That’s not in the spirit of the Travel Trade Crusade. It exists as an event to raise money for good causes. It’s a fun driving challenge that will see all walks of the travel industry raising a serious amount of money for charities worldwide.