Responsible fund raising

We understand your concerns. How can driving cars, some of which are old, across Europe align with environmental sustainability?

The reality is, it doesn't, yet we remain dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint. We've meticulously considered the implications of organising this event, and we firmly believe that while environmental impact is crucial, raising funds for charitable causes holds equal importance.

Numerous avenues exist for fundraising, such as participating in marathons, conquering mountains, organising car boot sales, or hosting coffee mornings. Each of these involves transportation at some stage, whether it's driving to the mountain for a climb, delivering baked goods to a coffee event, or taking a train or plane for a marathon.

Had the previous four crusades not taken place, more than 32 charities would have missed out on £165,000 in support. This very reason motivates us to organise the Travel Trade Crusade 2024.

Throughout, we've consistently carbon offset the Crusade's impact. To date, we've offset more than 50 tCO2e emissions and replanted 66 trees in Africa and the U.K.

For TTC 24, we're partnering with not only to offset our teams' cars emissions, but also to double our offset efforts, achieving 100% negative carbon offset. have been established since 2005 and were the first in the world to be independently certified against the world’s highest standard for carbon offsetting when the QAS started in 2012 and they have continued to meet or exceed it every year since.

They are also in the top 5% of B-Corp companies 'Best for the world 2022'. You can read more about them here.

The Crusade doesn't profess to be a world leading eco friendly event, it's an event trying its' best to help as many good causes as much as it can and we hope you'll support us in that endeavour.