What is the Travel Trade Crusade?

» What is the Travel Trade Crusade?

Essentially, the Travel Trade Crusade is a mad road trip across Europe, taking in several countries in 3 days that raises cash for good causes. Only teams from & associated with the travel industry can enter and they’ll compete with each other along the way to tick off certain challenges set by the rally organising team. Most teams will head back to Blighty at the end of the rally.

The exact route has not yet been finalised but the competition lasts for 3 days starting in France at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday July 15th, 2017 and finishes (somewhere in Europe 😉 on Monday July 17th, 2017. Its been designed to be fast and furious to minimise time away from the office. (You’ll need to be in France on the evening of the 14th and then travel home on the 18th)

The challenges and points scoring system are unique and that’s all we’re going to say! Check the challenges section for more details, but ultimately, they are designed from the bizarre to the brilliant and will give you stories to tell for years. Some challenges can be ticked off anywhere and others are evenly distributed across the countries. You’ll also have the chance to design your own challenge and obviously the more inventive you are, the more points you’ll earn.

Because of the unique challenge system, teams are required to take a camera with them. Don’t worry, you don’t need any high-end recording equipment, just a digital camera or phone that can take photos or short video clips.

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When is the Travel Trade Crusade?

 July 15th – 17th, 2017 although realistically you will probably need part or all of the 14th and the 18th as time away from the office too. 

Do all team members have to work in the travel trade?

 No, as long as at least 1 member of your team works in the travel trade then you can bring your nearest and dearest, friends or just someone you like the look of to make up your team. 

Where does the rally finish?

We’re not telling you just yet! However it will finish with a big party, sponsored by our friends at Holiday Extras somewhere in Europe on the final night. We will choose the finish point to make it as easy as possible for teams to get back to the UK with their vehicles.

Remember, if you do plan to leave your car in another country, any tax or import issues are yours to sort out and the Travel Trade Crusade is not responsible for your vehicle in any way.

Teams can either choose to drive back to Calais to catch a ferry or catch one of the longer overnight ferries.

Who Can Take Part?

Anyone who works in, or is associated with the travel industry. Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Holiday Attractions, Travel Press, Travel Design or Advertising companies, Travel Industry official bodies, Consortia, Airlines, Airline companies, Representation Companies, Hotel Groups…the list goes on. Anyone who is over the age of 18 (on the first day of the event) with a passport can take part. If not in possession of a driving licence, you obviously need to be in a team with someone who is and who is willing to haul your freeloading rear-end wherever you need to go.

How Many People to a Car / Cars to a Team ?

You can have as many people as you like up to the legal limit of your vehicle, i.e. the number of seats. Only 1 vehicle per team.

What Vehicle Can I Take?

This is entirely up to you. You could take your own flash wheels in the Travel Shrine category or less flash wheels for the Travel Standard category or a recently purchased rust bucket costing no more than £650 which would be perfect for the Travel Shed Category. You can take your own vehicle but it won’t earn your team any bonus points. We’d recommend that you challenge yourself and buy something rubbish or unique that will earn your team bonus points. You can also decorate your vehicle in a unique way too.

You can use a team member’s own vehicle or buy one especially for the rally. YOU CAN TAKE ANY VEHICLE YOU WANT WITHIN THE CATEGORY GUIDELINES! This can cost as much (in the Travel Shrine category) as you want/have, or up to £650 in the Travel Shed category and you can split the cost between everyone in your team. You can reduce the cost of the vehicle by getting sponsorship for it. Who knows, with the Travel Industry’s powers of persuasion you may even get a free car from someone! You can even organise events to raise funds for your vehicle.

If you want to take a London Taxi, a double-decker bus, campervan, retro Fiat 500 or Volvo estate you bought for £1 on eBay we commend you!

What are the categories to enter?

Travel Shed– To have cost or be worth £650 or less. The vehicle must be taxed, in possession of a valid mot certificate and insured. Bonus points are available to cars in this category. The more wacky, imaginative and decorated your vehicle is, the more points your team will get. Please don’t theme your car like any kind of military vehicle as there is a good chance it will be impounded and crushed.

Travel Shrine – Bring your own supercar or classic car. The vehicle must be taxed, in possession of a valid mot certificate and insured. Bonus points are available to vehicles in this category. The more super or classic your car is, the more points your team will get. A supercar is classed as one costing £70,000 or more new. A classic car is defined as one more than 20 years old.

Travel Standard – If you don’t want to shell out for a shed or a shrine then you can enter your own car. The vehicle must be taxed, in possession of a valid mot certificate and insured. No bonus points will be available to vehicles in this category because believe us, its much more fun to do the rally in a shed or a shrine.

What will the total costs be?

As well as your vehicle (if you buy one) and your team entry fees, you need to consider these other costs.

Fuel. Obviously this is dependent upon how far you plan to travel in the UK and the type of vehicle. As a rough figure, we recommend you budget for around £300 which is based on your vehicle achieving 30 mpg.

Ferries. Dover- Calais return is approximately £130 return for a car and 4 passengers. The Channel Tunnel is a similar amount.

Accommodation. (tent anyone?) We will be telling you where the Travel Trade Crusaders team are staying and where the social meet each day will be. We’ll be suggesting hotels in a range of prices in the 50 to 100 euros per night, per room band and a couple of campsites too. You can then choose your hotel, B&B or campsite near to those locations.

Food & Fun – How much you budget for these is up to you. We will all be meeting each evening but we won’t be providing food so where and what you eat is up to you and your respective budget. We will be choosing a nice reasonably priced bar for our evening meet up and one that does serve food if required.

Flights – If you intend to scrap your vehicle and return home without it.

Tolls – Many roads in Europe are payable toll roads and you should probably budget approximately £50 in tolls if you intend to use them.

When do we have to part with the cash?

Team entry fees need to be paid at the time of registering. The entry fees are non refundable after December 31st, 2016. You can choose to pre book ferries and hotels to take advantage of the lowest rates at any time but please do not to commit to parting with money for either of these until instructed to do so by us! The rally needs a minimum of teams to enter to go ahead and your entry fee is strictly non-refundable. In the unlikely event of the rally being cancelled after March 31st, 2017 then after organisers’ costs any remaining money will be donated to charity. In addition we can accept no liability for any other non refundable costs if you choose to part with money for hotels, ferries, vehicles etc or anything else before the route and destinations are revealed. All other costs will be at the time of the rally. The good news is…you have plenty of time to save up!

How will the rally be judged?

As teams complete their challenges they will evidence their escapades through various methods. As this is a competition there are a few rules concerning evidence and submission of evidence. Teams will be asked to submit their evidence in photo form and or video clips of no longer than 30 seconds in duration.

Essentially, teams submit evidence to prove completion of each challenge. Due to the nature of the challenges, most of the evidence will be short video clips and photos, which is why participants are asked to bring a camera.

The team with the most points after the judges have certified entries and awarded bonus points will win the Championship. We hope to be able to provide a cash prize donation to the winning team’s chosen charity.

Is the Travel Trade Crusade environmentally friendly?

Yes. £8 of the entry fee for a team of 4 people is used to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere with  Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint offer a range of carbon offset projects to international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). All of which meet the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting following a footprint calculation on this web site and BSI’s PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality. logo (1)





Do we need to have our vehicle before we sign up?

No is the short answer! You are able to sign up whenever you like. Just choose the size of your team and away you go. You will need the registration (V5) documents of your vehicle while you are on the rally and you’ll need to present this at registration but you have plenty of time to buy your vehicle if you need to.

If we’ve got a 'Travel Shed' and we don’t want to / can’t bring it back what do we do?

There are a few options here, most teams opt to take their car home having become very attached to it during the course of the rally. Some, however journey to the nearest scrap yard then arrange a taxi to the airport. You can beg a ride with another team, but be aware that you might not get one! We will provide details of reputable scrap yards near the finish point but please make sure you have all the correct vehicle documents with you if you intend to take this option.

Does our vehicle have to be legal?

Yes it does. We will not approve of people driving illegal un-roadworthy vehicles! We will check the MOT, Insurance and V5 at the registration process.  Also any drivers must have a full UK Driving Licence which enables them to drive the vehicle your team has chosen! So if your vehicle is a bus or lorry or tank you will need to have the relevant category on your licence. All drivers must produce their driving licence at the time of registration and if you don’t have it then you wont be able to take part as a driver.

Can we have non drivers in our team?

Each team does need to have a minimum of 2 drivers but non drivers are welcome as long as they’re over 18. If you’re fortunate to look under 18 then you may be asked for ID at check in.

Will there be any mechanical breakdown facilities on the rally?

No there will be no mechanical breakdown provisions and we suggest you either risk it or bring your own. It is possible to get European breakdown cover on old vehicles, and we would recommend you invest in this. Make sure the cover is for the vehicle no matter who is driving and that it includes repatriation for the car and passengers and then you won’t come unstuck.

How do we get insurance for our 'Travel Shed'?

We have set up a short term insurance deal for your Travel Shed through Herts Insurance specifically for the Travel Trade Crusade. Click on the banner below for their details. When you call them for a quote please state that you are taking part in the ‘Travel Trade Crusade’. They only provide 3rd party insurance. For every policy taken out with them they will donate £10 which will all go to charity.

A rough guideline to cost is around £50 for 1 week’s cover. Sarah insured her Hamster car for 3 months, 3rd party for 4 drivers (3 with clean licences and 1 with 6 points) for £170.

Obviously the price will vary depending on your circumstances but it’s a guideline. Also don’t forget to try your current insurer too as they will often insure a second vehicle very reasonably. Nick added his Daimler onto his multi car policy for only £20 a month fully comprehensive. However, DO NOT TELL NORMAL INSURANCE COMPANIES YOU ARE DOING A RALLY! This implies a full RAC off road experience and puts insurance companies off. You are merely taking a driving short break in Europe so no special insurance is required.

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Is there anything we have to do to our vehicle?

Your vehicle must comply with European law. You must have a hi-viz jacket for each passenger in the vehicle, accessible from inside the vehicle and a warning triangle within your car. A ‘GB’ sticker must be clearly displayed on your vehicle and you must ensure you have a headlamp converter kit applied to the headlights to avoid dazzling other road users. In France you will need to have 2 single use breathalyser kits in your car. The ‘AA’ has a very comprehensive guide to driving overseas which you can find at the AA website

Do we have to raise money for charity?

Yes, we insist that all teams taking part in the Travel Trade Crusade raise a minimum of £125 per team member for charity but we hope for much more. The Travel Industry has always been a very generous community and the crusade is a way of supporting a range of charities in a unique way. The rally is a brilliant, different and fun way to help those less fortunate however much is raised. On TTC 13 and TTC 14 a total of £70,000 was raised for charities. In TTC 17 we want to take that over £100,000.

What are the challenges going to be?

The challenges will be issued on the rally and the only thing we can tell you is that they won’t be too difficult and they will all be legal!

Are there any rules and is it a race?

No it is not a race!! and yes, there are rules and these will be in the Crusaders Compendium (aka known as authorative book) which will be issued just before the rally. The main rule is that we all want to have fun and raise some serious money for charity so please don’t misbehave or get into trouble. Please also don’t drink and drive!

We can't enter a team but are there sponsorship opportunities for the rally itself?

Yes indeed. We are looking for generous sponsors to help us with the costs of organising, sponsor t shirt, lanyards and vinyl graphics for the vehicles. If your company would like to put up prizes, large or small for the winning teams then we’d be delighted to accept them. Please bear in mind though that there is likely to be an average of 4 people in a team. Very simply the more sponsorship we get for the rally the more money we can donate to the winning team’s charity. The Travel Trade Crusade is a not for profit organisation and will only be covering the organising costs of a reconnaissance trip and the rally itself , plus the items mentioned above. Its a charity fund raising event and that’s precisely what we want to do so any help we can get will be greatly appreciated and credited.

Please contact Sarah to discuss how you can get involved if you can’t join us on the trip. email sarah@traveltradecrusade.com or tel 01254 689132 / 07971 791015

What qualifies as a supercar or a classic car?

A classic car is any vehicle of 20 years or older. If you aren’t lucky enough to own one you could always look at hiring one. CLASSIC CAR HIRE.

A supercar can be anything off the list you’ll find here SUPERCAR LIST but there will be extra points for any cars that cost in excess of £70,000 when new.

Who are the organisers of the Travel Trade Crusade?

In 2012 Sarah Archer decided to do a banger car rally to mark a significant birthday. She persuaded / bullied some travel friends to come with her including Nick Joyce. Between their two teams they raised £3000 for charities including Macmillan Cancer, Alzheimers Research and The Dogs Trust among others and had a huge amount of fun motoring the roads of Europe. The charity ralliers of 2012 wanted to share that experience with you and give the travel industry a chance to show its generosity and raise a great deal of money for charities in 2013…. And so the Travel Trade Crusade was born. After hugely successful Travel Trade Crusades in 2013 & 2014, Sarah & Nick have decided to give the trade one last shot at raising money with the TTC 17. Last chance saloon..

Sarah Archer


Sarah Archer






Sarah’s day job is running trade sales for Beachcomber Tours but she felt that  a car rally was something the Travel Industry might embrace and in so doing raise a lot of money for various charities.

Fortunately she has the full backing of Beachcomber Tours to be able to do this and promises that no travel agents will be harmed in the making of this rally. She’s organising it because she loves to organise a group event, it will be fun for everyone taking part and will raise a lot of money for good causes!

Email – sarah@traveltradecrusade.com

Tel – 01254 689132 / 07971 791015


Nick Joyce








Nick Joyce is the owner and MD of Email4travel a low cost and incredibly easy to use email campaign system for the travel industry, with services including customised email templates tailored for the travel industry’s needs, free technical support and low send pricing (and discounts for high volume users) and Art Av Ltd  which has done a lot of  video, AV and web work for travel companies and is hugely successful in the Art world.

He organised the first Travel Trade Crusade because he didn’t trust Sarah to do it on her own and because she made him, but he enjoyed it so much in the end that he really wanted to do it again in 2014. After 2 years of kind of missing it he’s agreed a comeback for 2017

Nick has contributed our wonderful website and email system free of charge as well as his time and organisational skills which are quite legendary.

Email – nick@traveltradecrusade.com

Tel – 01642 686086