• Crazy cars

    Crazy cars

    Will you enter the BEST CAR 2014? Turn heads all round Europe in your charitable chariot!

  • Be part of history!

    Be part of history!

    It’s only going to happen one more time and that’s in July 2014.

  • Visit new places…

    Visit new places…

    …whilst raising thousands for charity.

  • It’s Fun!

    It’s Fun!

    Whilst we’re not going to force you to dress up as hamsters there will be fun challenges!

The Travel Trade Crusade! ---- 11th -13th July 2014

is a mad road trip across Europe, taking in 5 countries in 3 days that raises money for good causes. Only teams from the travel industry can enter and compete with each other along the way to tick off certain challenges set by us. On July 11th, 2014, over 100 people from the travel industry, in a variety of vehicles, will set out to raise as much money for charity as possible. If you'd like to support the Crusade centrally, please use the paypal donate button opposite. Thanks for your support.


You can now DONATE to support our teams!

You can support any of our teams individually or you can donate to the overall charity prize fund by making a PayPal donation. 100% of the donation will be given to charity.

Who can take part?

Anyone who works in, or is associated with the travel industry. Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Holiday Attractions, Travel Press, Travel Design or Advertising companies involved in design for Tour Operators, Travel Industry official bodies, Consortia, Airlines, Airline companies, Representation Companies, Hotel Groups…the list goes on.

Fees & Fundraising

Each team needs to pay an entry fee when they sign up (£320 for a team of two, £50 for each extra teammate). Each team then needs to raise some money for a designated charity. It can be any charity dear to your team’s heart. We suggest you set up a Justgiving account to raise money for your designated charity. We’ll publish each team’s link on the Travel Trade Crusade website. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES - MAR 31ST 2014 although places are STRICTLY LIMITED! Join the Crusade today!

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